Mövenpick Resort
Aswan, Egypt

Hatem Ltaief

GPU-Accelerated Applications: The Why and The How?
Ever wondered how to squeeze out performance from these GPU accelerator beasts? Come and learn what are the key algorithmic ingredients developed in the Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC) at KAUST to accelerate a broad range of scientific applications on GPUs including computational astronomy, computational chemistry, seismic imaging and climate/weather prediction. This talk presents a five-year overview of accelerated computing at ECRC and explains how to mitigate some of the applications’ performance bottlenecks (e.g, synchronization-reducing and communication-reducing) using manycore systems equipped with GPU hardware accelerators.
Hatem Ltaief is a Senior Research Scientist in the Extreme Computing Research Center at KAUST, where is also advising several KAUST students in their MS and PhD research. His research interests include parallel numerical algorithms, parallel programming models, performance optimizations for manycore architectures and high performance computing. Hatem received the engineering degree from Polytech Lyon at the University of Claude Bernard Lyon I, the MSc in applied mathematics and the PhD degree in computer science at the University of Houston. He has contributed to the integration of numerical algorithms into mainstream vendors’ scientific libraries, such as NVIDIA cuBLAS and Cray LibSci. He has been collaborating with domain scientists, i.e., astronomers, statisticians, computational chemists and geophysicists, on leveraging their applications to meet the challenges at exascale.