City Of Aswan

Aswan is capital of its own Governorate which has a population of about 1.2 million people. Most of these are Nubians, and local tribes of Kenzo.

The city became very important after the construction of the High Dam as it became a refuge for those Nubians who chose to flee to Egypt after the waters flooded their homelands, as well as becoming the worldwide rescue campaign of the Nubian monuments during and after its construction.

Aswan’s name is derived from the ancient Egyptian word “Swan”, which means “the market”! This is because it was located on the main trade route between Egypt and the southern lands; with gold, slaves and ivory passing into Egypt. The governors of the 6th Dynasty sent many expeditions to explore the many African countries located to the south, and most of these started from Aswan. It was also the major source of granite, sandstone and quartzite used in the construction of the various monuments throughout Egypt.


You could also attend the marvellous Sound and Light show at the Temple of Philae; the schedules are listed below.

Sound and light show schedule at Philae:


Show First Show  Second Show  Third Show
Day time 8:00 PM  9:15 PM  10:30 PM
Saturday English Arabic  
Sunday German French  
Monday English French  
Tuesday French English  
Wednesday French English  
Thursday French French  Italian
Friday English French  
Cost 75 LE 75 LE 75 LE